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We will provide Energized Taweezat, Talisman, Amulets and many more things for you. Energized Taweezat are considered the highly powerful and brings Peace, Prosperity, Power, Progress and health with wealth for bearer. Energized Taweezat have been used for thousands of years.

Taweez is a Talisman, or to put it in another way, Taweez is a charm. There are numerous kinds of Taweez. There is one kind which consists of writing Verse of QURAN, on a piece of paper or other material. Small rugs are available which have the AAYAT AL KURSI is printed in beautiful Arabic calligraphy and framed as a portrait. Yet another form is available where it is moulded in plastic with the clock fitted inside the plastic. All these forms of verse – AAYAT AL KURSI (QURAN: CHAPTER 2: AL- BAQRA VERSE: 255 :) in rugs in portrait frames and in clocks can even be obtained in Saudi Arabia.


The rugs or the portrait frame or the clock with the AAYAT AL KURSI are hung on the wall in one of the rooms of the house. Why? Because the AAYAT AL KURSI offers protection from all kinds of evil and disasters.It is not ironic that people who say ‘bidaah’ when it comes to taweez, that they hang these rugs and clocks in a house to protect it? They want to protect from evil and disasters the house that is made of bricks and mud. When it comes to protecting the REAL HOUSE which is the human body, the house of soul, they say ‘bidah’ when someone carries the AAYAT AL KURSI on their person! Yet on death the house made of bricks is left behind, and the house that was in habited by the soul is buried like a treasure.

It is Un Islamic to write Taweez to sow discord between the two peoples e.g. husband and wife, brother and sister, as it is clearly stated in QURAN (SURAH AL BAQRAH: CHAPTER 2:). Generally, it is totally forbidden to write a Taweez which is against “SHARIAH”. Yet there are people out there who will do anything for money. Both the instigator and the writer of harmful Taweez will be punished by ALLAH AZZ-O-AJAL in this world and the next world.


Most Taweez consists of a large square or rectangle which is further divided into little squares. Each little square has either a part of a verse from the HOLY QURAN written in Arabic or Alternatively, a verse, or verses from the QURAN AL KARIM which are converted into their Abjad numerical value and the sum obtained is manipulated in certain way. The result is the initial starting “number” which is used to fill the small squares. This “number” is increased as appropriate and that second digital electronics will have come across the mapping for hardware minimization. Even that has a sequence for filling the squares. However, a Taweez does not follow that sequence. Here is a twist! There is a sequence in which the squares are filled. They are not usually filled right to left and top to bottom. There is a definite sequence. Therefore simply copying a Taweez from a book is incorrect.


The majority of people in these days and age just copy a Taweez from a book without following the sequences and they charge money for this service. They sell the Aayats – VERSES OF HOLY QURAN for a small gain. Yet they have no knowledge of how the Taweez is made or how the squares need to be filled. Since they lack of the knowledge of the Taweez writing, they copy the Taweez without checking that the Taweez is correct or incorrect.

These days many books are being printed with Taweez in them, these books are being printed for monetary gains only. They are not checked by any person who understands the nature of Taweez. In these books Taweez are full of errors. These incorrect Taweez are copied by equally greedy people to give to other people who come to them. The former make their living out of copying Taweez for the latter.


Let us learn a very simple lesson from science first. We have all come across the term DNA. The DNA molecule is genetic code for every cell. And this code is the determining factor in the behavior of a living organism. Each molecule of DNA consists of three things namely:

  1. Sugar Molecules
  2. Phosphate group
  3. One of four different Nitrogen compound.

Furthermore, with Genetic Engineering, an organism’s genetic, or hereditary, material is altered to eliminate undesirable characteristics, or to produce desirable new ones. Taweez really work, the short answer is “YES”, they do work. How do they work? To answer that, we need look at the QURAN-E-MAJEED and HADEES-E-MUBARKA

According to HOLY QURAN:


                                                                                                                                                                                               - (QURAN: SURAH: BANI ISRAEL, CHAPTER17: 82)

Translation:We sent down the QURAN that which is a healing and a mercy to those who believe: to the unjust it causes nothing but loss after loss.

If scientists can perform genetic engineering and after the behavioural pattern, so can the QURAN as proven above. If that is not enough that we can see the DNA code mentioned in Hadees. Rasool ALLAH (SALLALLAHO ALAIH WASSALLAM) the true and truly inspired said, (The matter of the creation of) a human being is put together in the womb of the mother in forty days and then he becomes a clot of thick blood (ALAQUA) for a similar period and then a piece of flesh (MUDGHA) for a similar period. Then ALLAH S.W.T. sends an angel who is ordered to write four things. He is ordered to write down his (i.e. the new creatures) deeds, his livelihood, his (date of) death, and whether he will be blessed or wretched (in religion). Then the soul breathed into him. So a man amongst you may do good deeds till there is only a cubit between him and Paradise and what has been written for him decides his behavior and he starts doing (evil) deeds characteristic of the people of the (Hell) fire. And similarly a man amongst you may do (evil) deeds for hell, and that what has been written for him decides his behavior and he starts doing deed characteristics of the people of Paradise.

In this above reference the period of 40 days is mentioned three times. Then we are told that the angel is ordered to write four things. Did we not find a similar description for the DNA above? Don’t forget DNA is yesterday’s discovery. The HOLY QURAN & HADEES date back fourteen centuries.

Another Hadees comes to mind in which Hazrat Aisha Siddiqua Radi Allaho Taala Anha (the mother of believers) was asked to describe the qualities and manners of NOBLE PROPHET Sallallaho Alaih Wassallam. Hazrat Aisha R.A. said the quality and manners of ALLAH’S RASOOL (MAY PEACE BE UPON HIM) were the QURAN-AL-KAREEM.


The secret is further clarified by Imam Ghazali R.A. who wrote in his “TAHSIN-AL-ZUNUN”. May ALLAH bless Imam Ghazali R.A. for leaving a treasure of literature for the Muslim community. From the above references it is clear that the human body is in reality a Taweez itself. In other words, the human body is the 28 letters from Alif to Ya. It keeps the spirit trapped for the time that ALLAH has ordained for it with that body. Only, at the expiry date is the spirit freed from the body.

Therefore when some of the “letters” in human body corrupted by following Shaitan, A Taweez is used to put those “letters” back in their proper places. We are all quite ready to believe in genetic engineering, but ever after ALLAH tells us in HOLY QURAN that “the QURAN is healing and mercy.” Some people will deny that Taweez are part of Islam. Taweez must only be used for healing and good. To answer the question, Do Taweez really works? “YES” “YES “ “YES”, they do work.

I do pray in Darbar-e-Aala-Hazrat R.A. for all and give special Taweez for marriage, family problems, son, children, court cases, jobs, good-luck, good health and well being – Special Darbari Taweez for protecting from evils, black magic, dangers, diseases, Special drinking water (Aab-e-Shifa for sick peoples) for loved ones in your family. If you need any thing from us or any kind of services then contact us or inform me. Special energized amulets and Tabarruk to finish any kind of disease. All devotees to keep trust in the actual genre of ALLAH S.W.T. and consolidate it with more and more of your eternal faith.

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There are various types of Taweezat in which the QURANIC VERSES are written on piece of paper with Saffron (ATTAR+ROSE WATER) on metallic sheets or pieces. There are various types of readymade Taweez available, but it should be noted that every single Taweez is written for specified purpose and problem.

Give us details at contact form. We take “Hadiya” for Taweez and other amaliyat. Hadiya must be paid before start of AMAL. We use money on materials which we use to make Taweez or doing Amaliyat, donations to poor and weekly (Niyaz) Fateha.

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