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Zaheer Raza Barelvi

TAWEEZ: CHAPTER 1. (Taweez: Barkat Rizq, Rozgar,Daulat,Taraqqui)
“These amulets bring about wealth, provision, fame, longevity, happiness, progress and advancement in job/business and solve job/business problems.”

TAWEEZ: CHAPTER 2. (Taweez: Pyar-Mohabbat mein kamyabi ke liye)
“These amulets are used for winning over the affections of one’s lover. Sure success in any kind of love, and married life.”

TAWEEZ: CHAPTER 3. (Taweez: Her kism ki mannat aur murad poori hone ke liye)
“These amulets bring good future and prosperity. All desires and wishes are fulfilled.”

TAWEEZ: CHAPTER 4. (Taweez: Baraye Kamyabi, Fateh, Apni baat manwane ke liye)
“These amulets help and emerge victorious in legal/lawsuits/court cases. They also help in experiencing a higher level of spirituality and achieve ones desired goals in life.”

TAWEEZ: CHAPTER 5. (Taweez: Jadu-Tona,Bandish, Amal Sifli, Jinn-Bhoot, Pret, Buri Aatma, Sahar se nejat ke liye)
“These spiritually charged Taweez are powerful remedy against ill effects of Black-Magic, White-Magic, exorcism, dangerous Tantrik deeds, Satanic waves, Tona-Totka etc. All ill effects of these things shall be nullified and no harm shall come on him/her. These are very powerful, wonderful, tried and tested Taweez. ”

TAWEEZ: CHAPTER 6. (Bachche: aur tifl ki saari takleefon ke liye)
“These amulets are most useful for the new born babies and young kids. These amulets solve all the problems of children. “A boon for infertile couples”.”

TAWEEZ: CHAPTER 7. (Shifa-e-Amraz, Har qism ki beemari ka roohani ilaaj)
“These amulets successfully treated many illness e.g. Physical ailments such as Cancers, Tumors, Heart and coronary diseases, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Migraine, Speech problem, Infertility and mental conditions such as Phobias, Sadness, Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder, Severe depression and spiritually linked conditions.”


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