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Code: 786100


(Safety of Pregnancy)

Many women faces miscarriages again and again. This Taweez is most useful for them. Take one Taweez and tie it of the neck of the pregnant lady till pregnancy is completed. At the time of delivery pick up this Taweez and put it in the running water of ocean, rivers etc. Inshallah, success is yours.

Code: 786101

"Banjhpan Ka Ilaaj"

(For Infertile / Barren Woman)

Barren or infertile woman should take one Taweez and read it 11 times daily. Start it from Thursday to Thursday 7 days. On Seventh day mix this Taweez in the milk and drink. Continue this procedure till 11 Thursdays are completed. The barron or infertile woman will conceive. Inshallah by the grace of ALLAH S.W.T.

Code: 786102

"Sahib-E-Aulad Hona"

(Wishing to Get Pregnant)

Many times it happens that husband and wife both are healthy but instead of that she does not gets pregnant. “They should pray to ALLAH-AZZ-O-AJAL. The woman wishing to get pregnant must read this Taweez after “Namaz-e-Fajr” 11 times for 41 days. On 41st day go near the running water and put this Taweez in your hairs; Along with fully dressed lady will pour water on herself to get completely wet. After this change clothes and flow the Taweez into running water. If you don’t succeed to do it twice or upto thrice. Inshallah you will get pregnant.

Code: 786103

"Aulad Nareena Hasil Ho"

(Women wish for Baby Boy)

A woman who is wishing for a baby boy, in this Situation, before period the woman should drink the Taweez dipped in water. She must drink this water everyday upto 7 days. When she gets her intercourse with husband. If not succeeded do it next month. Inshallah, with the mercy of ALLAH S.W.T. she will give birth to a baby boy.

Code: 786104

"Paidaish mein aasani"

(Easy birth of baby)

To achieve easiness at the time of labour pain, child to take birth easily. Pregnant lady should tie this Taweez on her right hand. Dip another Taweez in a glass of water and drink this water (Aab-e-Shifa) After birth of baby open this Taweez from her right hand and put it in any “QURAN-AL-KARCEM” Inshallah, child birth will become easy.

Code: 786105

(Bachche ke rone ke liye)

"Stop Crying Baby"

Many children cry a lot which creates problems to their family and parents. Put this Taweez in a piece of clean cloth and stich it as amulet. Tie this Taweez on the neck of crying baby. Your baby will stop crying. INSHALLAH.

Code: 786106

(Sookhre ka Ilaaj)

"Cure from Thickness Disease"

If any child is becoming thin day by day then take two of these Taweez. Stich one Taweez (waxed) in a piece of cloth and tie it on her neck. Another Taweez should be read daily once for 7 days and blow on the baby. Baby’s mother or any family member can read this. On the 7th day dip this Taweez in some water and sprinkle it on the baby. Inshallah, your baby must be cured.

Code: 786107

"Aaseb, Jadu, Bimari se Bachche ki Hifazat"

(Safety of Kids from Magic, Evil-Spirit or Diseases)

New born babies and grown up babies comes into contact of magic, evil-spirit and diseases. To keep your kids under safety, tie this Taweez on the neck of your child. Inshallah your baby will be safe from all ill effects.

Code: 786108

"Bad-Najar se Bachav"

(Cure from Evil-Eye)

Evil eye (power of injuring by the look) can effect on any beautiful place or things or kids and adult too. Please tie this Taweez on the neck of the baby or adult. Take another Taweez and dip it in some water and sprinkle this water on the things or the humans. Inshallah the effects of evil-eye will vanish completely.

Code: 786109


(Pregnancy Complication)

In this Taweez disease pregnant lady delivers dead baby or the baby born dies on the spot and woman suffers lot of pain and grief. Before the time and date of delivery woman should read this Taweez 21 times daily for 7 days after “FJAR NAMAZ”. On the 7th day dip Taweez into a glass of water and drink it. Do this for seven weeks By the grace of ALLAH S.W.T. the woman will be cured.

Code: 786110

"Ilaaj Sir Dard"


If anyone is suffering from severe headache or any other body pain. Take one Taweez and put it in a clean (Pack) cloth and tie it on the place of pain or on the head. Don’t tie this Taweez below the navel. Inshallah, headache and pain will relieved soon.

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