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Code: 78694

"Har cheez ki hifazat k liye"

(Safety of Everything)

All ill effects of any kind of magic, charm, Tona-Totka, tantra shall be nullified and no harm shall come on him. If you are going on a journey or any lonely place keep this Taweez along with you. Inshallah you will be safe and out of reach of all will spirits.

Code: 78695

"Aaseb ka asar Zayal Karna"

(Cure from Evil Spirit)

This spiritually charged Taweez is powerful remedy against ill effects, or the possessed one. If anyone is possessed with any type of evil spirit, feels scared, seeing fearful dangerous faces, bad dreamings etc. Tie this Taweez in his neck. If still not cured then put this Taweez in the boiling water and boil it. When this water gets cool, sptinkle this water on the possessed person. Stich this Taweez in a blue cloth piece and tie it on the right hand. Inshallah the possessed person will get full cure.

Code: 78696


(Finishing Evil Spirit)

Some will spirits are very strong they don’t leave the person. In this situation you need 8 Taweez. Take one Taweez, stich it in a cloth and tie it in the neck. Read another Taweez 41 times read it and Then put this Taweez in the ball of kneaded flour and throw it at the urban lonely place. Repeat this method for 7 days. Inshallah evil spirit will go away.

Code: 78697


(Getting Rid of Jinn)

If any place or house is possessed by Jinn, and They are creating trouble then don’t be afraid. Read this Taweez 11 times and blow on some water and sprinkle it at the possessed place, and put this Taweez there in. Jinn will leave the place. If Jinn is troubling to any person then waxed the Taweez and wear it in the neck. These are dangerous act so please contact me for full safety and peace.

Code: 78698


(Cure From Jinn)

Sometimes, evil spirits enters in the human body and gives a lot of trouble. If you want to get rid of those evil spirits take two Taweez, put one of them waxed and tie it on the neck of the person and dip another Taweez in a water and give this water to drink to the possessed one. Inshallah evil spirit will go away.

Code: 78699

(Dil Urhane Ka Ilaaj)

"For High Heart Beat"

If any person is suffering from high heart beat and are not satisfied because of weak heart. Take one Taweez (waxed) and put it in the neck of the person after “FAJR” namaz Take another Taweez dip it in the saffaron mix water and give it to drink. Inshallah, your disease will be fully cured.

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