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Code: 78673

(Fulfillment of wishes)

For riddance from obstacle and fulfilment of wishes. Whatever the wish would be, but it should be true, from the deep of your hart under the jurisprudence of Islam and its teachings. Take refuge of ALLAH S.W.T. you wish will come true. To fulfil your wish keep this Taweez along with you for seven week and rad it daily 7 time till seven weeks completes. Inshallah your wish will be fulfilled to your best.

Code: 78674

"Har Hazrat Poorl Ho"

(To Complete Every Wish)

Benefits of this amulet, wearing this amulet bring about, fame, longevity, wealth, happiness and fruitition. Keep this Taweez always with you in the shirts upper pocket for 41 days and read this Taweez 7 times daily. On the 41st day go near the running water like ocean, river, lake etc, facing water. Inshallah your wish will be completed by the mercy of ALLAH S.W.T.

Code: 78675

"Har Paresani aur Musibat ka Hal"

(Solution of all Difficulties & Problems)

It renders prosperity to the family of the person who wear it. With the help and mercy of supreme ALLAH S.W.T. one could get rid of all these problems and difficulties. Always keep this Taweez along with you in your upper pocket and read this Taweez daily 11 times only. Inshallah, very soon all your difficulties and problems will be solved.

Code: 78676

"Saat Din me Kaam Poora Ho"

(Completion of Work in Seven Days)

If someone wants to complete his work in a briefest span of time e.g. seven days only. Some works carries much importance and are very useful to a particular person. Take seven Taweez, wake up early, go to mosque before “Namaz-e-Fajr” take one Taweez read it 41 times and offer supplications. Put this Taweez in any “Quran-e-Majeed” of the mosque. Another day take IInd Taweez, continue this process for seven day regularily. Inshallah, your important work surely must complete within seven days.

Code: 78677

"Muskil se Muskil Kaam ka Hal"

(Solution of the toughest work)

Some work which founds to be very tough and some purpose which finds as being impossible then, in these circumstances keep this Taweez in your upper pocket for 120 days and read it for 11 times daily. Inshallah, ALLAH S.W.T. will provide you the solution Because it is tough and impossible work in our view but not for ALLAH-AZZ-O-AJAL

Code: 78678

(Har Hajat ki Kunji)

"Key to all wishes"

This Taweez is a key to solve all wordly problems and difficulties. Always keep this Spiritual Taweez along with you and read it 11 times daily. Paste this Taweez on a card board and hang it in your house / shop. You will get out of all your problems and difficulties. This Taweez recommended for growth in business, provision, career and profession as well as increase in income and wealth. This Taweez helps one to come out successfully from challenging situations in all aspect of life.

Code: 78679

(Hakim Meharban Ho)

"To Keep Your Boss Happy"

Our Spiritually charged Taweez enhances the peace of mind, gets favour from superior officers and government. If someone comes through a Boss who is useless strict and dishonours their subordinates without any proper cause. Keep this Taweez always with you. Inshallah your Boss will be happy and pleased with you.

Code: 78680

"Muskilat Mulazmat ka Hal"

(Solution of Service Matters)

When one is deprived of happiness through termination of service, suspension or through opponents. Sometime problems occurs during work time, or colleagues creates troubles, or any typical file or a case or any Enquiry set against you, or after retirement not getting pension timely. In this Taweez along with you for four months. Inshallah ALLAH S.W.T. will solve all your problems.

Code: 78681

"Khwahish ke Mutabiq Tabadla Karwana"

(Transfer according to Your Wish)

If a person willing to get transfer according to his own wish. Take seven Taweez. Take one Taweez and go near the forms and carry water in a clean bottle. At first read this Taweez 21 times and dip in the water bottle, and which direction you want your transfer face that side and sprinkle water in the farm in the same direction. After doing this, pray and come back. Repeat the same procedure next week, do it for seven weeks Inshallah you will get transfer of your choice within this time perid.

Code: 78682


(Stop Transfer)

To stop or to halt the transfer, take one Taweez and read it 21 times everyday upto 7 days. On the 7th day go to any muslims graveyard and put the Taweez in any old grave, Continue this procedure for 3 weeks. Inshallah you transfer will be stopped.

Code: 78683


(Rejoining & Parmanent Job)

If any person unjustified removed from his job service or jobs comes to an end due to any reason. Take service or job comes to an end due to any reason. Take seven Taweez On Thursday morning wake up early, take one Taweez and read it 41 times before “Namaz-e-Fajr” After seven days roll this Taweez and put it into a ball of kneaded flour and threw it into running water on any field or garden. In this way continue the process for 7 Thursday. Inshallah you will be back on your job/service will be in your hands once again.

Code: 78684


(Success in Exams)

To get success in any examination/completition debate, interview etc. This Taweez is most useful. On the days of exams wake up early in the morning and offer “Namaz-e-Fajr” after supplication Recite SURAH FATEHA 11 times, AAYAT-AL-KURSI 1 time, SURAH KAFIROON 1 time, SURAHNAAS 1 time then recite this 21 time : “NASRUM-MINALLAHE-WA-FATEHUN-QAREEB” After reciting all these things, put your forehead into “Sajadah” and pray to ALLAH S.W.T. After this blow on Taweez and carry this Taweez in to the venue of exams. Repeat the same method for all papers. Inshallah, you will get good position.

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