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Code: 78664

"Mohabbat mein Kamyabi"

(Success in Love)

To get success in real love, keep this Taweez with you for seven days and read this Taweez everyday 7 times after “Namaz-e-Fajr” and pray to ALLAH S.W.T. on the seventh day, after reading the Taweez dip it in the glass of water and the person with whom your are in love make him/her drink in any way else mix the water in any food and made her/him to eat. Inshallah the result of your love will be in your favour.

Code: 78665

"Muhabbat Hee Muhabbat"

(Love for You)

This Taweez is used for winning over the afftections of one’s lover. Keep this Taweez with you for upto 40 days and read everyday for 11 times. On 41st day sew the Taweez in a small piece of gren cloth and tie around the branch of the (sweet fruits) tree. Inshallah our love will be carried forward. Misuse of this Taweez will bring harsh results.

Code: 78666

"Miyan Biwi mein Mohabbat"

(Love between Husband & Wife)

This Taweez is used for winning over the husband and wife’s love. If there is no true love between the two house is quarrelsome. Bring place and true love in your house. Both of them will read this Taweez daily 11 times for 11 days. On the 11th day dip the Taweez in any good drink like milk, tea, sharbat and make he/she to drink. Inshallah your home will become a sweet home, and there will be love between husband and wife according to their own wish

Code: 78667

"Kurakht Shohar Meharban Rahe"

(Coverts Strict Husband into Softone)

For riddance from tension at home and for a happy married life. Some husband are strict by nature, They treats with their wives in a very troublesome manners. Sometime they removes their wife out of the house. In this situation the wife must keep this Taweez for 41 days. She must read this Taweez daily seven times. On 42nd day the wife must keep the Taweez in any mosque’s QURAN-AL-KAREEM. Inshallah good relation between the two will develop by the mercy and blessing of ALLAH-Azz-O-AJAL.

Code: 78668

"Nafarman Biwi ko Tabey Karna"

(Do Unfavourable Wife into Husband's Favour)

If someone’s wife is not in favour of her husband and doesn’t obey or listen what husband is saying. If the wife keeps bad impression of her husband. This Taweez brings her wife in his favour. Husband should recite this Taweez daily 7 times regularly for 41 days. On the 42nd day dip this Taweez in water or any sweet drink and make the wife drink it Inshallah your wife will become in your favour.

Code: 78669

(Saas ya bahu ko ek doosre ke tabey karna)

"Bring in favour Mom-in-law / Daughter-in-law"

If someone’s Mom-in-Law without any proper reason and purpose shouts at her on each and everything. In this circumstance Daughter-in-law should keep this Taweez along with her for seven Thursdays and must read this Taweez everyday for 21 times. On the last Thursday putt his Taweez in any mosque or else flow it in the running water of ocean or river. The same method is for improper daughter-in-law. Inshallah the relation between the two will develop in a sweet manner.

Code: 78670

(Pasand ki Shaadi)

"Love Marriage"

A proposal after for a girl or a boy should be of one’s own choice and it would be better for both of them. For marriage of one’s own choice this Taweez is a boon. The boy/girl should keep this Taweez along with them to fulfil their marriage dream. Read this Taweez daily for seven times only times until marriage proposal gets materialized. Inshallah his/her marriage will be of her/his own choice.

Code: 78671

"Ruki huyee shaadi ka hona"

(Halted Marriage to be done)

If there is any obstacle or interruption in the marriage due to any magic or Tantrik deeds. The relations which is fixed gets break up or the unsuitable proposals in this situation mother of girl/ boy should keep this Taweez for 3 months and read it daily 11 times. Inshallah within 3 months the best proposals will come according to their own choice. When marriage fixes the same Taweez should be mixed in any good drink like milk, sharbat and give the boy/girl to drink Inshallah, their married life will run smoothly and peacefully.

Code: 78672

"Rishta achchha hai ya bura"

(The Proposal is Good or Bad)

Take the refuge of ALLAH S.W.T. with the help of this Taweez you can get result that the proposal is good or bad. SO when you get any proposal of marriage, the mother’s father or the sister of bride/groom should take one Taweez and dip in a glass of water and sprinkle the water on any cleanest place of your house, do it for 7 days. Read this Taweez 21 times daily when going to sleep in the night and after reading this Taweez don’t talk to anyone. In seven days will receive your answer that this proposal is favourable or unfavourable. Lastly put the Taweez in any graveyard, river, ocean or well. In dotted place of Taweez write down the name of boy/girl along with the name of mother, with whom he proposal is going be materialised.

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