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Code: 78653


(Increase in Food & Provisions)

This Taweez helps on to come out successfully from challenging situations in all aspects of life. One should keep this Taweez in his upper pocket/ wallet for 41 days. Read this Taweez after “FAJR” namaz 41 times everyday for 41 days. On the 41 day keep Taweez in a ball of kneaded flour and put it in the sea, river, well or bury under the ground. Insallah soon you will see the benefit by asking Him through prayer after every namaz, a person should pray for the increase in food besides this.

Code: 78654

Yani Maal-o-Daulat mein Kushadgee

(Increase in Wealth)

This Taweez recommended for growth in business, symbolises, wealth money and success as well as acquisition and accumulation of wealth. Removal of poverty is through its own human deeds which is written by ALLAH S.W.T., but this can be changed if a person prays and beg for whatever he has done wrong from his heart. Keep this Taweez in the upper (shirt) pocket. Read this Taweez after “Zohar” (Afternoon) Salat 11 times daily for four months. In after keep this Taweez inside the main door entrance. Inshallah, very soon poverty will go away from you house.

Code: 78655

Har Qism ke karobar mein taraqqui / khushhaali

(Success in Business with Happiness)

This Taweez recommended for growth in business and career and profession as well as increase in income and wealth. Every person has a wish to have a huge profit from his business. A person has a path shown by ALLAH S.W.T. and not goes against it. and pray (offer Namaz timely) and follow Sunnah Islamic rules. Keep This Taweez at your business place and read it 111 times daily for 11 months. Inshallah wealth and happiness will come to you.

Code: 78656



If a person is having no way of income and searching job. Keep this Taweez always with you. Read this Taweez 7 times daily after “FAJR” namaz (morning Salah) between Sunnah and FARZ Namaz. Flow the Taweez in the running water of ocean or river on 41st day, inshallah you will got the job some where if by trying the Taweez for 1 time you don’t get any good response, try for the second time Inshallh you will get success.

Code: 78657


(Suceess & Benefit in shop)

In the morning when you open the shop, recite 11 times Duroof Sharif before and after, recite 1 time AAYAT-AL-KURSI, 1 time SURAH FATEHA (AL-HAMD) and blow on some water and sprinkle it in all four corners, do it for 7 days. Inshallah black magic done by your enemy will be finished (nullified). When you open the shop read this taweez twice (2) daily. Keep the next copy of it in your locker. Inshallah your shop will prosper to an unimaginable heights. Inshallah

Code: 78658

(Taraqqui Karkhana / Factory)

"Success & Development in Factory-Workshop"

This Taweez is for power, authority, vigor and for overcoming enemies. For success and development in your workshopor factory it’s a boon to human kind. Take eight Tawez, at the time of Taharjind namaz (Night Prayer) dip a Taweez in a glass of water and pray for success. Offer Namaz-e-Fajr and sprinkle this water on the four corners of your factory. Repeat it for seven Thursday, and on the 8th Thursday after Namaz-e-Asar paste the 8th Taweez or a hard paper and hang on the wall of your work place. Inshallah, your factory will prosper and flourish.

Code: 78659

(Band Karobar ka zari hona)

"For Restart of Closed Business"

If you want to restart or reopen your closed business. Take two Taweez, read this Taweez everyday 111 times upto 41 days. Dip another Taweez in a glass of water and sprinkle this water in the four corners of your premises, do this for seven Thursdays. Inshallah, your close business will restart and reopen soon by the mercy of ALLAH S.W.T.

Code: 78660


(For Employment)

All human actions are for achievement of success in life. Once self confidence is lost success becomes very hard to attain. To remedy this problem we have prepared a very powerful Taweez. Any person wishing to be employed and not yet succeeded in getting a job, so the person wishing should read this Taweez twenty one times everyday after “FAJR” namaz {Morning Salah) and will keep the Taweez in his shirts pocket. Inshallah, he will get the job of his own choice.

Code: 78661


(Relieving of Debt)

Are you heavily in debt, is your business failing, are you facing severe financial crisis ? If yes, then this Taweez is the answer to all your problems. Read this Taweez everyday after “ISHA NAMAZ” 33 times upto 41 days. Keep this Taweez with you. Inshallah, very soon you will get rid out of debt and the peace and harmony will come into your life again. INSHALLAH-TAALA

Code: 78662


(Return of Your Debt)

It gives wealth and all liquid assets to the person improves cash liquidity. IF you want your debt to be return but the person next is not willing to return. Take two Taweez, one should be paste on a hard paper and taken out of urban area and tied on a branch of a tree. Read another Taweez 11 times daily for seven days. Inshallah, your problems will be solved, the person whom your debt exist, will soon return it to you.

Code: 78663


(Increase in Income & Provision to Repay Debt)

It can bring unqualified success in all walk of life. If any person in debt and is unable to repay the debt. The person should read this Taweez 121 times daily for 41 days. Take another Taweez dipped in a glass of water and sprinkle at your work place for 7 days. Inshallah you will be in position to repay your debt and your provision and income will increase undoubtedly.

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